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Emily's Blog - 10 Month Process

25th October 2019

To see Emily's 'before' photo and to read about her fitting experience, please visit this blog.

February (Adjustment 1)

I am pleased with how quickly my teeth have moved. Today I had both upper and lower archwires changed and my bite turbos built up slightly to ensure I’m not biting on any brackets. I also started elastic wear using ‘Panda’ elastics from my upper canines to lower molars to help with the reduction of my overjet.

April (Adjustment 2)

My teeth were ready to progress to the Insignia custom made archwires today. We also changed the positioning of my elastics in aid of further overjet reduction. I also had a long ligature placed on my upper teeth to avoid spacing opening from the stronger elastic wear.

June (Adjustment 3)

As you can see from the image my teeth are continuing to align, however my upper midline is slightly to the right. Therefore, I have now had my elastics changed to a stronger ‘Gorilla’ strength elastic on the left hand side whilst continuing with a ‘Panda’ elastic on the right hand side. I also had both upper and lower archwires progressed today to help alignment.

August (Adjustment 4)

In this appointment, I had the upper archwire changed, however the lower teeth weren’t quite ready to progress to a new wire yet. I am continuing with a stronger ‘Gorilla’ elastic on the left hand side and a ‘Panda’ elastic on the right hand side to help correct the upper midline.

September (Adjustment 5)

Firstly, I had the upper central incisor (as highlighted) bracket position adjusted to improve the heights and bring the tooth down slightly to help with the alignment. Due to this, we had to drop back to a lighter archwire to ensure the tooth isn’t overloaded. I then had the bite turbo positioning adjusted to my upper canines. This is to help with my overjet reduction and upper midline correction. I am also continuing with same elastic positioning and strengths from the previous appointment.

October (Adjustment 6)

In this adjustment appointment,I had the bracket repositioned on the upper central incisor (as highlighted) to help with alignment. As you can see the repositioning of the previous bracket has helped the front two teeth level out and look more even. I have also had the elastics changed to a ‘V’ shape position to increase the strength, whilst still using a ‘Gorilla’ on the left hand side and a ‘Panda’ on the right hand side. No archwire changes took place today due to the repositioning of the bracket.

Stay tuned to see more updates from Emily on her braces journey! If you are thinking about getting braces, please give us a call on 01926 883476 to find out how to get started.

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